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Mobile Colony 9 Cup: Ultra Small Reactor Edition

  • 8 Spieler
  • Double Elimination
  • Game not specified
  • August 6, 2016 bei 3:00 PM EDT
  • Eintragen: geschlossen

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Game settings
-2 stock
-6 minutes
-Custom moves set to OFF
-Items set to OFF
-Handicap set to OFF
-Damage Ratio set to 1.0x
-Mii Fighters are restricted to Guest size / Default size but allowed any XXXX set. However, you're locked into a set per Mii Fighter for the entire bracket. BUT NO SPOILER MIIS OR DQ.
-You are not character locked, so you're welcomed to use Shulk if you so desire.
-Starter stages:

  1. Battlefield (Miiverse cannot be played online. Sorry.)
  2. Final Destination (Omegas can be played Game 1 2 & 3 as long as the Gentlemen's is agreed to.)
  3. Yoshi's Island
-Counterpick stages:
  1. Dream Land 64
  2. Duck Hunt
  3. Prism Tower
  4. Arena Ferox
-Omega stages can be gentlemen'd to if you desire to play on Omega Gaur for Game 1 2 or 3.
-Game 1 will be decided with a coinflip via the !coinflip command on the Migaga bot. This coinflip between the two players will decide on who the winner will be that strikes first, followed by the loser striking two, then the winner striking once more
-Game 2 and onwards will be decided by the winner striking 2 stages, and the loser choosing from the remaining (including counter picks)
-You may not choose a stage that you've already won on, unless mutually agreed to.
-You may not play on a stage that isn't legal. This will result in a double disqualification.
-Winners Finals & Losers Finals will be best of 5. There will also be no bans during WF & LF.

-Note: If the online connection is unplayable or has hefty input delay, then present your speedtest result & the better result wins, found here:

Note: You must be a part of the Shulk Discord to participateas that is where the organization will be take place + matches will be called.

Note: If your discord user name + your challenge account are different, be aware + tell a mod when your matches are being called! It is your responsibility to know when your matches are being called.

Note: You have 5 minutes after you are called for your match to respond. Anyone who has not responded after 5 minutes will be eliminated. If you require a postponement, you MUST TELL A MOD and can request maximum 15 minutes to do what you need to do. Past 15 minutes you will be eliminated, sorry.

Conclusion: Good luck, & have fun heirs! Thanks for Playing~

Final Results

Icon medal first
Icon medal second
Icon medal third





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